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crinklycrin‧kly /ˈkrɪŋkli/ adjective  1 FOLDhaving a lot of small lines or folds She looked fondly at his crinkly face. He smiled his nice crinkly smile. The paper was brown and crinkly at the edges.2 DChair that is crinkly is stiff and curly He had blue eyes and crinkly fair hair.
Examples from the Corpus
crinklyThe leaves turned brown and crinkly.Overnight there was a frost and it went hard and crinkly.With his receding, crinkly black hair, beaky nose, toothbrush moustache and protruding teeth, Fender came gift-wrapped for cartoonists.In his crinkly fair hair there was hardly any grey.The islands rose sheer out of a millpond sea, pillars of white limestone with ochre splotches capped in crinkly green.His crinkly hair was a glossy brown colour still unmarked by grey; his moustache was neat and trim.Uneven blotches and crinkly patches are on the leaf surface.
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