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crisis of confidence

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrisis of confidencecrisis of confidenceBELIEVEa situation in which people no longer believe that a government or an economic system is working properly, and will no longer support it or work with it There seems to be a crisis of confidence in the economy. crisis
Examples from the Corpus
crisis of confidenceThis talk about a crisis of confidence in the City is overdone.It was not just the veto which caused a crisis of confidence: every member had the right to blackball an applicant.It is a crisis of confidence and purpose.Ominously, however, this confidence-promoting institution is itself undergoing a crisis of confidence.Lack of up to date knowledge leading to a potential crisis of confidence.During the Middle Ages society suffered, as much as anything else, from an acute and prolonged crisis of confidence.The slightest crisis of confidence can threaten the survival of the banking system and the health of the whole economy.Postmodernism's crisis is the crisis of confidence in the function of art and culture at the end of the twentieth century.
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