Date: 1500-1600
Language: Latin
Origin: criticus, from Greek kritikos, from krinein; CRITERION


crit‧ic W3 [countable]
1 someone whose job is to make judgments about the good and bad qualities of art, music, films etc [= reviewer]
music/art/film/theatre/literary critic
a review by the theatre critic of the Sunday Times
2 someone who criticizes a person, organization, or idea
critic of
Critics of the scheme have said that it will not solve the problem of teenage crime.
fierce/outspoken critic
an outspoken critic of the government

armchair critic

someone who criticizes other people but who does not have any proper experience of the activity the other people are doing
word choice word choice

critic, review, criticism, critique
!! Do not use critic to refer to something that a critic says or writes.A review is the usual word for a short article that a critic writes in a newspaper or magazine His first novel got wonderful reviews. Have you read the reviews of her play?criticism is the activity of publishing opinions about things such as books and films, or a group of essays, lectures etc on this subject a collection of literary criticismA critique is a detailed explanation of the problems of something such as a set of political ideas, in the form of a speech, book, article etc He wrote a critique of capitalism.

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