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crit‧i‧cal S2 W2


if you are critical, you criticize someone or something
critical of
Many economists are critical of the government's economic policies.
Many parents are strongly critical of the school.
He made some highly critical remarks.


something that is critical is very important because what happens in the future depends on it [= crucial]
critical to
These talks are critical to the future of the peace process.
It is absolutely critical for us to know the truth.
Foreign trade is of critical importance to the economy.


a critical time or situation is serious and worrying because things might suddenly become much worse:
The fighting has stopped, but the situation is still critical.
changes that took place during the critical period at the end of the war


so ill that you might die:
He is still in a critical condition in hospital.
She is in intensive care, where she remains critical but stable.

the critical list

a) the list of patients in a hospital who are so ill that they might die
on the critical list
Two of the victims were still on the critical list Sunday night.
take somebody off the critical list
He was taken off the critical list and is now in a stable condition.
b) if a system, plan, company etc is on the critical list, it is having severe problems and might fail soon

making judgments

making careful judgments about how good or bad something is:
His book provides a critical analysis of the television industry in Britain.
She looked round the room with a critical eye.


according to critics who give judgments about art, films, theatre, and books:
The book came out last year to great critical acclaim (=critics said it was very good).
Her first play was a critical success (=critics said it was good).

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