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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcriticallycrit·i·cally /ˈkrɪtɪkli/ ●○○ adverb  1 critically ill/injured2 important in a way that is very important syn crucially The success of the project depends critically on the continuation of this funding. This is a critically important meeting.3 serious/worrying in a way that is very serious and worrying syn dangerously Food supplies are at a critically low level.4 criticizing in a way that shows you are criticizing someone or something Mike looked at her critically. He has spoken critically of the government’s refusal to support the industry.5 JUDGEmaking judgments thinking about something and giving a careful judgment about how good or bad it is We teach students to think critically about the texts they are reading.6 art/literature according to critics who give judgments about art, films, theatre, and books The play was critically acclaimed (=praised by critics) when it opened in London last month.
Examples from the Corpus
criticallySuch publications must be treated critically.College taught me to think critically about religion.She tried to stop the children visiting their critically ill father.As a result, planning the future has become even more critically important.The size and length of an irrigation ditch depend critically on the number of people who use it.critically importantAs a result, planning the future has become even more critically important.That became a critically important factor for Nixon.Further, whatever subjects were chosen, it was the tutor who was the critically important factor in success or failure.Awareness of such differences is critically important in creating Great Groups.The first five years of life are critically important in shaping every person's unique individuality.That this critically important service is badly needed for all media use goes without saying, and here is a model.Those individuals will form the critically important vanguard of a new workforce.think criticallyThe government can not tell its citizens not to think critically of the law or the government.critically acclaimedCollins also played Valentine in the critically acclaimed 1989 movie.From the outset, they were critically acclaimed.Alexia was critically acclaimed, and several major galleries purchased her, but she did not become immediately collectible.But the colliery band played on-providing the story behind the critically acclaimed film Brassed Off starring Ewan MacGregor.It started late last year with two critically acclaimed gigs in London.She dies in 1963, years before the critically acclaimed work was being adapted for the silver screen.
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