crit‧i‧cize S3 W3 also criticise British English
1 [intransitive and transitive] to express your disapproval of someone or something, or to talk about their faults [≠ praise]:
Ron does nothing but criticize and complain all the time.
be strongly/sharply/heavily criticized
The decision has been strongly criticized by teachers.
The new law has been widely criticized.
criticize somebody/something for (doing) something
He has been criticized for incompetence.
Doctors have criticized the government for failing to invest enough in the health service.
criticize somebody/something as something
The report has been criticized as inaccurate and incomplete.
2 [transitive] formal to express judgments about the good and bad qualities of something:
We look at each other's work and criticize it.
WORD FOCUS: criticize WORD FOCUS: criticize
to criticize someone or something very strongly: attack, lay into, tear somebody/something to shreds, pillory, pan

to criticize someone unfairly: put somebody down, slag somebody off BrE informal, talk about somebody behind their back, bitch about informal

to criticize small details: pick holes

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