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crop of somebody/something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrop of somebody/somethingcrop of somebody/somethingGROUP OF PEOPLEGROUP OF THINGSa group of people who arrive or things that happen at the same timecrop of somebody/something of South Korea’s present crop of elected politicians crop
Examples from the Corpus
crop of somebody/somethingJust another morning in just another primary: just another crop of emotionally scarred children.Every year produces a new crop of explanations, a new collection of essays, experiments, and simulations.For many years, other crops of ash and maple seeds landed and sprouted.I well remember during one hot dry summer talking to one grower who was complaining about his poor crop of parsnips.In autumn 1995, each produced a small crop of their designated variety.The first is under a spring-sown crop of dredge corn, usually in April.Nor would all the additional acreage have been possible without those crops of tobacco from the 1930s onward.The big exception is the most vital crop of all: sugar.
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