2 verb
Related topics: Animals, Plants, Photography
crop2 past tense and past participle cropped, present participle cropping
1DC [transitive] to cut someone's hair short:
Stella's had her hair closely cropped.
2TCP [transitive] to cut a part off a photograph or picture so that it is a particular size or shape
3HBA [transitive] if an animal crops grass or other plants, it makes them short by eating them
4HBP [intransitive] British English if a plant crops, it produces fruit, grain etc:
My strawberries crop in June or July.

crop up

phrasal verb
1 if a problem crops up, it happens or appears suddenly and in an unexpected way [= arise]
2 if something such as a name or a subject crops up, it appears in something you read or hear [= come up]:
Your name kept cropping up in conversation.

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