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cross/enter somebody’s mind

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcross/enter somebody’s mindcross/enter somebody’s mind (also come into somebody’s mind) [not in progressive]THINK something/HAVE A THOUGHT if something crosses your mind, you have a thought or idea It never crossed my mind that Lisa might be lying. Suddenly a horrible thought came into my mind. mind
Examples from the Corpus
It ... crossed ... mind thatIt even crossed my mind that she might blackmail some one.It had crossed her mind that he was using her, but wasn't she using him?It never crossed my mind that I might one day have to fight.For some idiotic reason it had never crossed her mind that she might be doing something illegal.Hasn't it crossed your mind that we will be missed, the others will be wondering what has happened?Then it crossed my mind that there could have been an accident.
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