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cross-eyedˌcross-ˈeyed / $ ˈ. ./ adjective  MIhaving eyes that both look in towards the nose
Examples from the Corpus
cross-eyedIt then continues to squint at the water, weaving slightly with endearing cross-eyed concentration.Enter the cross-eyed daughter, bearing wine, plates and cutlery.Like his sister, the young man was cross-eyed, deaf and simple.Maggie quickly brought her attention back to the cross-eyed girl and forgot all about the young man.She pushed her doll closer, so that Mrs Fanning aped a surprised, cross-eyed look.Jeremy: He found he was going colour-blind and cross-eyed so he tried to - Teacher: What sports did he try?Even, so I wondered, the tawny, cross-eyed tiger-fish moving beneath the glittering surface of the lake.Also, the folds of the skin around a baby's eyes sometimes make her look cross-eyed when she isn't.
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