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cross somebody’s mind

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcross somebody’s mindcross somebody’s mind[usually in negatives]THINK something/HAVE A THOUGHT if you say that an idea, thought etc never crossed your mind, you mean that you did not think of it syn occur to somebody It didn’t cross her mind that she might be doing something illegal.the thought has (never) crossed my mind (=used to tell someone you have thought of the thing they are suggesting, or have never thought of it) cross
Examples from the Corpus
cross somebody’s mindIt crossed my mind that I was the only female coach on the committee, but that made me more determined than ever.Several times it had crossed his mind to check on the car, but he never actually did it."It never crossed my mind to give up, " he said. "It became an obsession.""Why didn't you call me?" "The thought did cross my mind while I was shopping this afternoon, but then I forgot all about it.
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