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cross swords (with somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcross swords (with somebody)cross swords (with somebody)ARGUEto argue with someone I’ve crossed swords with him on a number of issues. cross
Examples from the Corpus
cross swords (with somebody)The angels who guard the door to the garden are lowering their crossed swords.On March 20 and October 9, Saturn and Pluto cross swords for the first time in two decades.Japan and the U.S. have crossed swords on a number of trade issues.The two men, the former a steadfast Tory, the latter a dedicated Whig, had crossed swords on several occasions.Tilly and Gustavus had crossed swords several times, generally to Tilly's disadvantage.The fight in Birkenhead was not the first time that Mr Field had crossed swords with the Labour left.None the less it is perhaps surprising that the librarian has not crossed swords with the law over obscene and indecent literature before now.Harrison, a man of simple birth and high intelligence, crossed swords with the leading lights of his day.
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