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crossedcrossed /krɒst $ krɒːst/ adjective  TCTif a telephone line is crossed, it is connected by mistake to two or more telephones, so that you can hear other people’s conversations I phoned him up and got a crossed line.
Examples from the Corpus
crossedThe problem is to discover how these familiar zones are bounded and how they are crossed.It may be a delirious hope, but you force yourself to rest your arms on your chest, crossed and pulsing.This starts out as sensible cost-saving and value.engineering but imperceptibly the boundary is crossed arid we enter the realm of skimping.A crossed cheque therefore gives some protection against fraud if it falls into the wrong hands.Spying out the unevenly crossed legs, he steered his tiny shoe towards Murphy's table.He is a man of determination and enthusiasm, whose integrity and will power have crossed party lines.That came from more than a few crossed twigs and dry leaves.crossed lineAnd I always listen when I get crossed lines.It will also be totally secure from crossed lines and tapping, the company says.