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crossovercross‧o‧ver /ˈkrɒsəʊvə $ ˈkrɒːsoʊvər/ noun  1 [countable]ACHANGE FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHER the change a popular performer makes from working in one area of entertainment to another J Lo has made a crossover from music to the movies.2 [countable, uncountable] the fact of liking, using, or supporting different types of things or groups There’s some crossover between the musical genres.3 [countable] (also crossover car) a car that has some of the features of a normal car and some of the features of an SUV or 4x4 cross over
Examples from the Corpus
crossoverThere is not much crossover among readers of romance and science fiction.Offthe Wall was a masterpiece, and it was a natural crossover.And most agreed that the crossover was probably recent.With strong black candidates, especially but not exclusively incumbents, there is enough white crossover to win.
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