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crowbarcrow‧bar /ˈkrəʊbɑː $ ˈkroʊbɑːr/ noun [countable]  crowbar.jpg TZa heavy iron bar used to lift something or force it open
Examples from the Corpus
crowbarShe was rowing, and he had a crowbar.Besides the unlimited license to overcharge, the prosecutor has a crowbar called time to hold over your head.Even if your name is Razor you have a chunk of metal the size of a crowbar pierced through your left side.It looked as if it would take a crowbar to open his mouth.These may be levered off if rusty 4 Try to avoid breaking glass when using a crowbar on the fixed sashes.After a moment Fernand emerged, an expression of sullen resentment on his face and a heavy crowbar in his hand.You will also need a strong crowbar to help you lift and overturn large boulders.A central angled cut will make levering out easier 7 Use the crowbar to prise the frame from the wall.
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