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Crown Court

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Crown CourtˈCrown Court noun [countable, uncountable]  SCTa court of law in Britain that deals with serious criminal cases and is higher than a Magistrate’s Court
Examples from the Corpus
Crown CourtA CROWN court judge is considering recommending the deportation of a man convicted of deception.The case was adjourned to Carlisle crown court for sentence.The evidence that they can go tragically wrong came in Liverpool crown court this week when two teenagers were jailed for manslaughter.I was terrified Voice over Nottingham Crown court heard medical evidence showed Fisher took no sadistic pleasure in violent attacks on women.The case continues at the city's crown court.A criminal case that resulted in four convictions at London's Southwark Crown Court last month illustrates why this reputation survives.We were on remand for about three months and then we were up at the Crown court.
From Longman Business DictionaryCrown CourtˈCrown Court [countable]LAW in Britain, a court that deals with serious criminal cases and is higher than a Magistrates’ CourtHe admitted eight theft charges at Liverpool Crown Court. court
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