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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrucialcru‧cial /ˈkruːʃəl/ ●●○ W2 AWL adjective  IMPORTANTsomething that is crucial is extremely important, because everything else depends on it syn vitalcrucial to This aid money is crucial to the government’s economic policies.crucial in/to doing something The work of monks was crucial in spreading Christianity.play a crucial role/part in something The city of Mycenae played a crucial role in the history of Greece. The conservation of tropical forests is of crucial importance.see thesaurus at importantcrucially adverbCOLLOCATIONSphrasesplay a crucial role/part in somethingParents play a crucial role in preparing their children for adult life.be of crucial importanceGood leadership is of crucial importance in motivating staff.adverbsabsolutely crucialTechnology has an absolutely crucial role in modern medicine.verbsprove crucial (=be crucial)His appointment was to prove crucial to the organization’s success.remain crucialLogging remains crucial to the country’s economy.regard/consider something as crucialThe city was regarded as crucial to the area’s defence.nounsa crucial factor/part/elementThe cost of the project is the crucial factor.a crucial pointThis was a crucial point in our relationship.a crucial questionShe seemed to be trying to avoid the crucial question.a crucial issueThe study of consumer behaviour is a crucial issue in marketing.a crucial differenceThere is a crucial difference between the British and American attitudes.a crucial moment/timeAt the crucial moment, he withdrew the support of the army.a crucial stageThe peace talks are now at a crucial stage.a crucial decision/stepChoosing a career is a crucial decision to make.crucial informationThe government did not publicize this crucial information.crucial evidenceThe prosecution had forgotten one piece of crucial evidence.
Examples from the Corpus
crucialShared language is now substantial, religious differences are not crucial, and ethnic and cultural distinctions have diminished.Crucial decisions had to be made, involving millions of dollars.The crucial factor in their relationship was their unshakeable faith in each other.A close working relationship is crucial if policy is to develop smoothly and clearly.Ritchey worked for some very good bosses, but it was the difficult boss who had a crucial impact on his career.But even more crucial is the attitude and behaviour of those who govern us.Learning to work together is a crucial part of the training program.This was a crucial stage in the main plot.The rate your company pays you could have crucial tax implications for you.Their development is thus crucial to potential profitability.The statement of purpose is crucial to the project planning simply because every method and procedure flows from it.play a crucial role/part in somethingClearly, within particular realms of human experience they may play crucial roles in assisting individuals and groups to achieve their ends.More importantly, this interaction is now playing a crucial part in excluding the underclass from the mainstream of society.Telecommunications play a crucial role in information technology.They are already playing a crucial role in multimedia design and development.Biomedical scientists deal with 100m pathology tests a year, playing a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.Might not some essential aspects of quantum theory also be playing crucial roles in the physics that underlies our thought processes?The advanced military technology expertise of Shorts Brothers in Belfast played a crucial role in the war - for both sides.
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