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crucifixcru‧ci‧fix /ˈkruːsəfɪks/ noun [countable]  RRCa cross with a figure of Christ on it
Examples from the Corpus
crucifixI backed rapidly up the stairs, holding the bouquet between us like Peter Cushing used to hold a crucifix up to Dracula.On the way to the tomb there are some mementoes of the great man, a crucifix staff and a mitre.On a May night in 1675, while friends held up a crucifix, his end came.Only when one is practically face-to-face with them does one notice a small crucifix pinned on their shirt.You put the wind up her with that crucifix down your sock.Together, they walked down the aisle behind the crucifix, toward the rear of the church.I am dying, the Monsignor thought, staring up at the dolorous face that stared back from the crucifix.It was then that the bullet flew past him, hitting the brass cross and sending the crucifix crashing to the ground.
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