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cruciformcru‧ci‧form /ˈkruːsəfɔːm $ -fɔːrm/ adjective formal  CFshaped like a cross
Examples from the Corpus
cruciformIt is cruciform and aisleless, built of locally quarried ashlar stone.It is easily visible with the naked eye, and binoculars give it a vaguely cruciform appearance.It consisted of a cruciform church whose stone was hewn from hardened lava.It was originally inspired by Old S. Peter's in Rome and is a cruciform church with double aisles and seven apses.The cruciform pattern on Latin cross plan was retained, with much lower vaults than on the Continent.They were all made of large, irregularly cut stone blocks and of simple cruciform structure.It is often nicknamed the Northern Cross, and certainly it is much more cruciform than the Southern Cross.
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