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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrummycrum‧my /ˈkrʌmi/ adjective informal  BADof bad quality or unpleasant a crummy hotel a crummy job
Examples from the Corpus
crummyThe weather is still pretty crummy.That's a crummy attempt at a French accent.That's what they want me to be - some crummy clerk with painted fingernails number-crunching on a computer all day.Whatever he has up his hair, though, it still makes him a crummy date.Meanwhile, the 30-something gals are keeping their crummy day jobs.It was indeed bloody sauce putting the Party's delegation up at such a crummy hotel.Yeah, what a crummy job!Larry came home in a pretty crummy mood today.I've got a crummy ordinary dogsbody job.Perhaps he had had a bad day at the garage and had not sold enough crummy second-hand cars.I didn't want your crummy toy anyway!
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