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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrumpledcrum‧pled /ˈkrʌmpəld/ adjective  1 (also crumpled up)SQUASH crushed into a smaller bent shape Tom flattened the crumpled paper against his knee.2 FOLDcloth or clothing that is crumpled has a lot of lines or folds in it an old man with untidy hair and a crumpled suit3 LIE DOWNsomeone who is crumpled somewhere is lying still in a strange position after they have fallen
Examples from the Corpus
crumpledBehind one souvenir from a day trip to Brighton was a crumpled 100-franc note.Don't sit around in your suit. It'll get crumpled.The men lay crumpled and motionless, open-mouthed, their thin legs tangled together.I spent the night under a bridge, using a crumpled blanket as a bed.She'd come creeping back again, complaining about Dad's crumpled collars and his scuffed shoes, sprucing him up.Kirov stooped over his crumpled form, retrieving the photograph from between his fingers and tucking it safely into his inside pocket.Rory was crumpled head-down into the floor, his feet, above his head, still tangled in bedclothes.The bright one was moving in a silvery blur, and there were quite a few dark-furred heaps lying crumpled nearby.They found the boy crumpled on the pavement.Jo pulled a crumpled piece of paper out of her pocket.Grimm tugged a crumpled purple handful from his pocket and restored some shape to the hat.crumpled soda cansShe reached into her pocket and handed the clerk a crumpled ten-dollar bill.
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