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crustaceancrus‧ta‧cean /krʌˈsteɪʃən/ noun [countable] technical  HBAan animal such as a lobster or a crab that has a hard outer shell and several pairs of legs, and usually lives in watercrustacean adjective
Examples from the Corpus
crustaceanAs if it were something cumulative that accrued around me, like the hardening shell of a crustacean.This is a brown crustacean, half the size of the end of a pencil, that is extremely difficult to eradicate.I bite into the succulent, still-warm-from-the-grill crustacean whose spice factor is near seismic.Today there are about 35,000 species of crustacean - four times as many as there are of birds.One has elongated jaws for picking between the coral stems, another may specialise in cropping a particular kind of small crustacean.It seemed surprised when the crustacean raised its claws and valiantly fought back.The vector of the parasitic worm is a tiny crustacean, Cyclops.These fish have developed remarkably tough gullets due to the high proportion of fresh water crustacean in their diet.
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