2 noun
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cry2 W3 plural cries

sound expressing emotion

[countable] a loud sound expressing a strong emotion such as pain, fear, or pleasure:
a baby's cry
cry of pain/alarm/delight etc
Alice let out a cry of alarm.
let out/give a cry
The stone hit him on the forehead and he gave a sharp cry.


[countable] a shouted word or phrase
cry of
At last, there was a cry of 'Silence!', and everyone looked towards the door.
cry for
Fortunately, a passerby heard his cries for help.


[singular] especially British English a period of time during which tears come out of your eyes, usually because you are unhappy:
It's good to have a cry sometimes.
I felt much better after I'd had a good cry (=cried for a long time).

cry for help

something someone says or does that shows that they are very unhappy and need help:
I think taking the pills was a cry for help.


[countable] a phrase that is used to unite people in support of a particular action or idea [= slogan]:
'Land and Liberty' was the rallying cry of revolutionary Mexico.
battle cry (1), war cry


[countable]HBA a sound made by a particular animal:
the cries of seagulls overhead

➔ be a far cry from something

at far2 (5)

; ➔ in full cry

at full1 (22), hue and cry

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