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crystal clear

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrystal clearˌcrystal ˈclear adjective  1 UNDERSTANDvery clearly stated and easy to understand I want to make one thing crystal clear – I do not agree with these proposals.2 completely clean and clear the crystal clear water of the lake
Examples from the Corpus
crystal clearViewed from the air, the water looked crystal clear.By writing a precis you boil a passage down to its essentials, and the meaning should then be crystal clear!Everything, it says, is not exactly crystal clear.Things began to brighten a little as we went over the voting statistics, because the numbers were crystal clear.The water is crystal clear and slow moving, usually neutral or a little acid.He has a gift for writing crystal clear instructions.I am confident that those results will pass a crystal clear judgment that people are afraid of the Labour party in London.The meeting made it crystal clear that Carter was determined to go ahead with the withdrawal.Such research makes it crystal clear that decisions about normality and abnormality are filled with biases.
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