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cubbyholecub‧by‧hole /ˈkʌbihəʊl $ -hoʊl/ noun [countable]  DHa very small space or room, used especially for storing things
Examples from the Corpus
cubbyholeThe letters had been stuffed in a cubbyhole in the desk.The newsroom was minuscule, not much more than a cubbyhole, next door to Monty's cluttered little office.He thought about the way that Overdene looked at him from his glass cubbyhole whenever Henry was twenty minutes late from lunch.I get the attention of a miserable looking father in a soiled habit sitting alone in his cubbyhole.Even Bert was not in his cubbyhole, but Flossie was and gave a languid thump of her tail.There was a nurse's cubbyhole with a little desk behind a glass door.The air conditioning occupies the glove compartment, but there are plenty of other storage cubbyholes.He was frenetically rummaging through the cubbyholes where the barristers' briefs were kept.
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