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cucumbercu‧cum‧ber /ˈkjuːkʌmbə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable, uncountable]  cucumber.jpg DFa long thin round vegetable with a dark green skin and a light green inside, usually eaten raw cool as a cucumber at cool1(3)
Examples from the Corpus
cucumberBut Paula, dressed in light grey leggings, sweatshirt and a blue denim jacket, looks as cool as a cucumber.Add noodles and cucumber to shrimp.Chop the dill cucumber thinly and add to the bowl.In fact, cucumbers are not outstanding in any known vitamin or mineral, either.For me, cucumbers make a salad.For rabbits, use red pimento for ears, strips of cucumber peel for whiskers and small pieces of olive for eyes.Chop ¼ red pepper, 2 spring onions, 1 celery stalk, 2 cooked new potatoes, cucumber and 2 mushrooms.Add water to barely cover the cucumbers.
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