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culottescu‧lottes /kjuːˈlɒts $ kjʊˈlɑːts/ noun [plural]  DCCwomen’s trousers which stop at the knee and are shaped to look like a skirt
Examples from the Corpus
culottesBut they can keep the dressy culottes and pantsuits as long as they are part of a coordinated outfit.Under that boldly amused scrutiny, her smart white gabardine culottes suddenly failed to cover quite enough bare, slender brown leg.C Longer-length culottes are made from two layers of voile so they have a floaty, sheer effect without being at all see-through.A one-piece red culottes suit given by former Eastenders star Anita Dobson has still to be sold.The culottes are very full and have a comfortable, elasticated waistband.She uncurled her legs, determinedly smoothed down the neat white culottes, and stood up.They can wear a sweatshirt or blouse, with culottes or sweat pants.
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