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cult film/band/figure etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcult film/band/figure etccult film/band/figure etca film, music group etc that has become very popular but only among a particular group of people the 1980s cult movie ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’ The actor James Dean acquired the status of a cult hero. cult
Examples from the Corpus
cult film/band/figure etcHe is loved to the point of becoming a cult figure.This, however, did not prevent him from becoming a cult figure among some of the Jacobins and other revolutionaries.Healing spas were based on a local cult figure and the devotees underwent rituals which included bathing and communal eating.Brad Pitt in the cult film Fight Club was a fraudulent soap salesman.I start by telling him that he's quite the cult figure here in Annapolis, and he looks stunned.He became a cult figure in which notions of salvation by innocent suffering have a place.He often introduces himself to boomer types as the B-string lyricist for that perennial underground cult band, the Grateful Dead.Vanessa Nygaard is a cult figure waiting to happen, a gale-force personality blowing through Maples Pavilion.
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