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culturallycul‧tu‧ral‧ly /ˈkʌltʃərəli/ ●●○ AWL adverb  1 SASOCIETYin a way that is related to the ideas, beliefs, or customs of a society Teaching materials need to be culturally appropriate.[sentence adverb] Historically and culturally, Britain has always been linked to the continent.2 AART/CULTUREin a way that is related to art, music, literature etc The French are a culturally sophisticated people.[sentence adverb] Culturally, the city has a lot to offer.
Examples from the Corpus
culturallyLies that protect someone's feelings are often culturally acceptable.But its impact on the world has been uneven both culturally and economically.In our culturally and ethnically mixed society the degree of emancipation of women was uneven.A few luxuries have been smuggled in by canoe from the Solomons, which Bougainville is geographically and culturally close to.The above examples of culturally defined behaviour have been selected because they differ considerably from behaviour patterns in Western society.Above all else, colonial governments were brutal and culturally limited.Investment banking applicants were expected to be culturally literate.The district is one of the most highly educated and culturally sophisticated in the South.But these theories' notions of culturally stable femininity often elide with their concept of a biologically stable individual.The reality of living here without the social infrastructure they're culturally used to would probably send a Blairy into trauma.
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