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culture shock

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishculture shockˈculture ˌshock ●○○ noun [singular, uncountable]  the feeling of being confused or anxious that you get when you visit a foreign country or a place that is very different from the one you are used to India is where I first experienced real culture shock. Moving to London was a bit of a culture shock after ten years of living in the country.
Examples from the Corpus
culture shockThey came to places like Southend, Thurrock and Basildon, and found it a bit of a culture shock.I thought Texas would be too much of a culture shock for Annie.Because of the language barrier and culture shock, such insights are far too rare.He has so many antidotes for culture shock.They may also be seen as payments to compensate for culture shock.I get culture shock every time I come back to this country.Even my Mississippi spouse was in culture shock for years.Their children, however, were born into such a state of culture shock that they were afraid to budge.Meadowlark-his first name is used just once-finds himself at the sharp end of all of the culture shock.
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