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culvertcul‧vert /ˈkʌlvət $ -ərt/ noun [countable]  TECa pipe that takes a stream under a road, railway line etc
Examples from the Corpus
culvertShe laughed a little because there was no room for his elbows, it was like making love inside a culvert.We came to this road, there was a culvert there, we crawled through there and went up the hill.New culverts likely will have to be placed in a new location, Douglas said.He remembers when the same spot washed out in 1950, but then the old culverts remained in place.Later I discovered she was only pointing to an overflow culvert.A smaller culvert, 30 metres in length, crosses beneath Lasswade Road.He opened the throttle, blasting the motor cycle broadside into the culvert.He was about to take her arm and help her into the culvert but she neither needed nor wanted his help.
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