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cup your hand(s)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcup your hand(s)cup your hand(s)HBHto make a shape like a cup with your hand or hands He struck a match and cupped his hand around the flame. cup
Examples from the Corpus
cup your hand(s)Grainne took the hot fragrant wine gratefully, and cupped her hands about the goblet for warmth.Periodically, Felix will turn to Manny, cup his hand and explain to him what has been said.He cupped his hand around his mouth.Then she cupped her hands around Jack's face and gently pulled him to his feet.He then shuffled around the room cupping his hand around the chimneys and blowing out one lamp after another.Sara cupped her hand around the match until it burned steadily.He cupped his hand over his thing as if it were a flame that might blow out.Trying by cupping his hand over the clasps to avoid the penetrating clicks of opening, George lifted the lid.
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