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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcupidcu‧pid /ˈkjuːpɪd/ noun  1 Cupid2 [countable] an image of this god, used to represent love3 play cupid
Examples from the Corpus
cupidTwo cupids clutched the bows and kicked fat heels.
CupidCupid[singular] the Roman god of sexual love, represented as a beautiful boy with wings who is carrying a bow and arrow cupidCupidCu‧pid /ˈkjuːpɪd/  1 a character based on the Roman god of sexual love, who was the son of Venus. Cupid is usually shown in pictures as a young boy with wings, holding a bow and arrow. His picture is often used on Valentine cards to represent love. People sometimes say that they have been hit by Cupid's arrow when they have started to have romantic feelings for someone.2 play Cupid (to someone)
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