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cupolacu‧po‧la /ˈkjuːpələ/ noun [countable]  TBa round structure on the top of a building, that is shaped like an upside down bowl a golden edifice with an onion-shaped cupola
Examples from the Corpus
cupolaThe main building had a high pointed roof with a cupola on top.Their central courts, colonnades, arcades and cupolas followed the Byzantine model.The churches are painted an earthy red, with red domes and cupolas, and thick red velvet curtains decorate the insides.There was a glass cupola in the entrance hall reached from an attic suite with exposed beams.Octagonal cupolas covered by flat pitched roofs were still normal crossing space covering.It features a two-story newsroom, a lobby decorated like a 1930s ocean liner and a Mount Vernon-style cupola on the roof.Look too for the cupola and arched ceilings that marry the high decoration of Catholic churches with an excellent sense of style.A very small piece of lead, like a tiny cupola with a lightly-milled edge.
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