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curablecur‧a‧ble /ˈkjʊərəbəl $ ˈkjʊr-/ adjective  MIan illness that is curable can be cured opp incurable
Examples from the Corpus
curableIn Leapor's view, the problems of women in relation to marriage are not immediately curable.It is controllable but not curable.Most sexually transmitted diseases are curable.This is a pity as it is usually curable.Most skin cancers are completely curable, but some can be fatal.Cervical cancer is usually curable if it is detected early enough.Unlike melanomas, they are slow growing and non-invasive and are readily curable if treated early.Such small tumors are often caught at an earlier, more curable stage.The Pap smear means the cancer can be treated at its earliest, and most curable, stages.
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