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curdcurd /kɜːd $ kɜːrd/ noun [uncountable]   (also curds [plural])DF the thick substance that forms in milk when it becomes sourwhey, bean curd
Examples from the Corpus
curdModifications in curd treatment result in cheeses that are different in moisture content, body and texture, and flavor and aroma.It is actually a scalded curd cheese, the curds being heated in the whey before being drained.Once the acidity is right, huge, mechanical, stainless steel forks are switched on to cut the curd into large chunks.The curd is cut, stirred, and heated with continuous stirring to separate curd and whey.The curd is truly tough and elastic.The curds are lifted on to muslin-covered racks and cut through with a knife before they are left to drain.The curds of two days' cheesemaking are mixed together before being milled and pressed.A whole pine forest produces so much pollen that ponds become covered with curds of it - and all of it wasted.
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