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curfewcur‧few /ˈkɜːfjuː $ ˈkɜːr-/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 SCLa law that forces people to stay indoors after a particular time at night, or the time people must be indoors The government imposed a night-time curfew throughout the country. The curfew was lifted (=ended) on May 6th. The whole town was placed under curfew. Anyone found in the streets after curfew was shot.2 American English the time, decided by a parent, by which a child must be home or asleep in the evening
Examples from the Corpus
curfewDespite the imposition of a curfew, the Strip remained in a state of revolt throughout May 20.Local officials said a curfew had been imposed on the area.If your teenager keeps reasonable hours, there is no need to set a curfew.We walked along the path above the river: deserted, because of the curfew.The curfew was lifted on May 4.The curfew will end next March, when his debt to society will officially have been paid.imposed ... curfewOn May 18 the state authorities imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew.Governor Wilson declared a state of emergency, imposed a curfew and called in reinforcements from the California Highway Patrol.On May 8 the government imposed a curfew on the city.Two people died and at least 19 were injured, and the government imposed an all-night curfew.On March 27, as the national conference got under way, the government imposed a curfew and banned strikes and demonstrations.On Sept. 9 it imposed a night curfew in large parts of the republic.
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