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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcurtainedcur‧tained /ˈkɜːtnd $ ˈkɜːr-/ adjective [only before noun]  a curtained window or door has a curtain hanging across it
Examples from the Corpus
curtainedIngeniously designed, the main cabin contained a stove, a curtained bed and cupboards whose painted doors let down into tables.She woke in the pitch darkness of the curtained bed with the suddenness of one called.The author Gustave Flaubert once dreamed of lying in a curtained bed.She found the curtained casement flung open to let in a stream of sunlight and fresh air.The intern cleaned me up then made me lie on a trolley in a curtained cubicle.The occasional curtained litter or rickshaw sheltered its rich occupant from the sun as he or she ventured out on some errand.The seaman reappeared from behind the curtained off bunk section of the cabin.Limousines slid across the asphalt, decadent thrill-seekers cringing behind their curtained windows.
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