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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcurvaceouscur‧va‧ceous /kɜːˈveɪʃəs $ kɜːr-/ adjective  HBHBEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGhaving an attractively curved body shape – used about women a tall curvaceous young woman
Examples from the Corpus
curvaceousThe boiler was straight ahead, a giant, white, curvaceous beast, with a rough asbestos hide.a curvaceous blonde womanNow this is what I call a curvaceous car.The newcomer was about her own age, on the plump side of curvaceous, chestnut-haired and pretty.A petite, curvaceous figure, clad in clinging geranium-red, dark hair flying like a glossy cloak around her shoulders.So the curvaceous shapes were born.Did the fashion pages show curvaceous waists and womanly stomachs?The road up is a defile, steep, rugged and curvaceous, with a vast pine forest on the left hand.
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