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ldoce_055_fcurvedcurved /kɜːvd $ kɜːrvd/ ●●○ adjective  CFhaving a shape that is like a curve and not straight a curved wall
Examples from the Corpus
curvedThe girl's body was curved and slender and my hands were straying to the ribbons on her bodice.The bird uses its long curved bill to dig out worms and small insects.The knife had a heavy curved blade.His almost bare chest and the high, curved horns he wears accentuate his height and his slender build.Shaving mirrors are slightly curved in order to magnify the image.The temple's roof is curved, in the Thai style.The floodwater, carrying branches and driftwood, was over the roadway on the curved iron bridge.A crossing of curved lines softens the hypnotic.He had a cruel, clever, merciless face, with a big curved nose and very bright, hard eyes.An airplane wing is curved on top and flat on the bottom.The ventralmost arm spine may be curved or sabre shaped.The entrance is formed by two curved rows of large stones.The stone interior of the church held darkness as a curved shell holds water.Economically, thinner ply is preferable, but needs strengthening to prevent curved steps.
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