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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcushycush‧y /ˈkʊʃi/ adjective  EASYa cushy job or life is very easy and does not need much effort I wish I had a nice cushy job like her. a very cushy number (=an easy job or life)see thesaurus at easy
Examples from the Corpus
cushyThe caf lounge area has cushy chairs and plenty of caffeinated and herbal remedies to nurture patrons of the arts.If so, give me back the grunge of the old place and keep the suites and cushy chairs.Eventually he got a cushy job as a newspaper correspondent in Madrid.I wouldn't say so, it's a pretty cushy job, driving a nice car around, being paid well.Being a stewardess is not a cushy lifestyle - it's very hard work.Peter just landed a cushy new job with a big firm.What a cushy number, living rent-free in return for taking the dog out once a day!I sank down on a cushy sofa.They've had a cushy subsidised existence for too long.The other kind of project likely to prepay its mortgage was the cushy upmarket property.
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