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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcuspcusp /kʌsp/ noun  1 CF[countable] technical the point formed where two curves join2 be on the cusp of something3 on the cusp
Examples from the Corpus
cuspYou see, I was on my astrological cusp on Monday, it wasn't at all propitious for me.As the world approached the cusp of a new millennium, the fire was still spreading.To simplify the figure, its effect is shown on a projection of the cusp on to a horizontal plane.The alternative path a-d, by just reaching the higher side of the cusp, leads to a high level of success.Death becomes him, for ever frozen in time as a complex and charismatic 24-year-old on the cusp of greatness.On the cusp of restructuring family life, we cling ever more ardently to this antiquated and ill-conceived provider-homemaker design.
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