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cut loose

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcut loosecut loosea) FREE TO DO WHAT YOU WANTto free yourself from someone or something, or their influencecut yourself loose (from something) He cut himself loose from the constraints of family life. b) American English informalENJOY/LIKE DOING something to start enjoying yourself in a happy noisy way after a period of controlled behaviour I’m ready to cut loose and enjoy the weekend. loose
Examples from the Corpus
cut looseI felt like I had been cut loose.Perhaps I do have to cut loose.They should be demanding that the settlers be cut loose.I'm ready to cut loose and enjoy the weekend.Many were cut loose and left to fend for themselves in the job-poor wilderness.And knowing that, I wondered how much Ellie would ever cut loose of Michael.The stars floated free like buoys cut loose on a dark sea.But when Mike Mannion cut loose the home side collapsed to 127 all out.Both times Francis cut loose with stinging criticism of his team's play.
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