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cutting edge

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcutting edgeˌcutting ˈedge noun  1 the cutting edge (of something)2 [singular] an advantage over other people or things The team are relying on Gregg to give them a cutting edge.cutting-edge adjective cutting-edge scientific discoveries
Examples from the Corpus
cutting edgeEach at the cutting edge of possibility within its own historical context, each a breakthrough in the standards of its day.However, it all boils down to execution at the cutting edge.Settlement houses and settlement house workers were at the cutting edge of social change.But the cutting edge doesn't come cheap.But this is the cutting edge of labor.However, we now understand that the imagery of the cutting edge is so much stronger and powerful than we believed.give ... a cutting edgeBadly blunted blades can also be finished on this before being given a new cutting edge on the honing wheel.
From Longman Business Dictionarycutting edgeˌcutting ˈedge noun [countable] if a company or its work is at the cutting edge of an activity, they are working in the most advanced area of it, using the newest methods, systems, equipment etccutting edge ofThe scientific and engineering skills which we have developed are at the cutting edge of nuclear technology.cutting-edge adjective [only before a noun]exciting, cutting-edge media projects
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