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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdaddydad‧dy /ˈdædi/ ●●● S1 noun (plural daddies) [countable]  1 FATHER informal father – used especially by children or when speaking to children Daddy’s home!2 the daddy/your daddy sugar daddy
Examples from the Corpus
daddyDaddy, can I have a drink, please?Prof Eno took us aside and explained about mummy rabbits and daddy rabbits.Go and ask Daddy if he'll give you a ride to school.I once heard daddy say to her He'd picked a rotten wife.How many of these songs could she have been singing to her daddy?Look, Daddy's home!My granddaddy and my daddy both were police chiefs in this town.As I got older, we started singing as a trio with my daddy.My daddy is a pilot.Most boys think their daddy hung the moon.Where's your daddy?
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