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dairydai‧ry /ˈdeəri $ ˈderi/ ●●○ noun (plural dairies) [countable]  1 TAa place on a farm where milk is kept and butter and cheese are made2 TABBCa company which sells milk and sometimes makes other things from milk, such as cheese3 dairy products/produce
Examples from the Corpus
dairyCritics routinely dubbed him a dairy farmer from Kansas.Carrie followed him, through a door at the back of the kitchen, down a stone passage into a dairy.The most extensive tracts are taken up by five dairy farms.But it's cattle you should think of in this country, perfect dairy pasture, rich it is.At the time, Dorset was beginning the transition from picturesque dairy country to affluent summer artist colony.Congress got in the act in the following years, lending the academy $ 255,000 to expand the dairy.As he set off to return to the dairy and Tess, his father rode with him a little way.
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