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dairy products/produce

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdairy products/producedairy products/producemilk, butter, cheese etc dairy
Examples from the Corpus
dairy products/produceHowever, households also paid sharply more for some items they bought every few days, such as gasoline and dairy products.The most harmful type are saturated animal fats, found in meat and dairy products.However these products tend not to be as rich in calcium as dairy products and red fish.In general, nondairy products such as whipped toppings coffee creamers, and margarine are replacing the corresponding dairy products.She pruned her diet drastically, cutting down dairy produce and other foods high in cholesterol.Dunlop parish had been long-famed for its dairy produce.Vegans: Vegetarians who eat neither eggs nor dairy products may have a tough time consuming enough vitamin B-12.No oil, dairy products or sweeteners are added so the principle of slow rise will prevail.
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