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daisda‧is /ˈdeɪəs, deɪs/ noun [singular]  TBa low stage in a room that you stand on when you are making a speech or performing, so that people can see and hear you
Examples from the Corpus
daisHollins will be keeping his eye on Councilman Keith Beier, his ideological nemesis and verbal sparring partner on the council dais.Think how slowly the agricultural world faded from dominance in dais country.Liessa and the Loremaster were waiting on a raised dais at one end of the meadow.Some staff members must have been wondering if they should install ropes around the dais and call in boxing promoter Don King.In the square the torches began to go out, until there were only one or two left near the dais.I took my place in the refectory at a separate table near the dais and watched the lady prioress sweep in.A few of his followers had joined him on the dais.On the dais all the boys were congratulating themselves.
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