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Taylor, Damilola

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishTaylor, DamilolaDamilola TaylorTay‧lor, Dam‧i‧lo‧la /ˈteɪlə, ˌdæmɪˈləʊlə $ -lər, -ˈloʊlə/  (1989–2000) a ten-year-old Nigerian boy who was killed in November 2000 in Peckham in south London. In 2002, four teenage boys were charged with his murder, but they were found not guilty after the most important witness (=person who saw the crime), a 14-year-old girl, was found to be lying. The police were strongly criticized for reducing the number of detectives trying to solve the murder after the boys had been charged. In 2006 a new trial took place after spots of blood that the police had missed earlier were found on the clothes of two of the original boys charged with his murder, Danny and Ricky Preddie. This time they were found guilty.
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