1 noun
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dance1 S2 W3
1 [countable] a special set of movements performed to a particular type of music:
The waltz is an easy dance to learn.
folk/traditional dance
the traditional dances and music of Russia
2 [countable] a social event or party where you dance:
Are you going to the dance this weekend?
the school dance
3 [countable] an act of dancing:
Claire did a little dance of excitement.
have a dance especially British English
Let's have another dance.
4 [countable]APM a piece of music which you can dance to:
The band was playing a slow dance.
5 [uncountable] the activity or art of dancing:
modern dance
dance and movement classes

➔ song and dance about something

at song (4)

; ➔ lead somebody a dance

at lead1 (19)

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